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If straight women confer with straight men (or gay men with gay men), those men might have ulterior motives: their advice might be biased.Consider also the straight woman consulting with her straight women friends.

When you're stuck in a rut with bae, please, pretty please don't talk to any of the following people about it. Deep down, you're probably not looking to break up so don't talk to this friend about your love issues. This friend will tell you how terrible your bae is, how much he doesn't deserve you and how you should dump him and be lonely like her.Envy is real and because Type B is lonely and unable to find happiness, she'll want you to be miserable just like her. As soon as you began reading this, she popped into your head. The whole “there's other fish in the sea” attitude isn't helpful when you're in mature relationship that's going through a tough moment.Her happy-go-lucky way of looking at love makes you wonder if she's right. My bff is getting married to a registered sex offender!!She got engaged to this guy after dating only 2 months and he has pushed for a quickie wedding so now…she’s getting married in 3 days.

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