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Gerson therapy involves a very specific diet with nutritional supplements.

Gerson therapy is an alternative therapy which means it is usually used instead of conventional cancer treatment.

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An enema containing the osmotic agent polyethylene glycol (PEG) 3350, also called macrogol 3350, with laxative activity.So he went on to use it to treat other diseases such as tuberculosis and cancer. His daughter Charlotte Gerson went on to establish the Gerson Institute in 1977.Gerson therapists believe that people with cancer have too much salt (sodium) in their bodies compared to the amount of potassium.E-mail: On what we would like to think is the rare occasion that you may have a complaint about Stress No More services, get in touch using your preferred choice of contact from our contact details shown above.We then promise to do all we can to resolve your problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, offering an update or solution within no more than 5 days of receiving your complaint.

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