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To coincide with with The Mopomoso tour John Russell offered workshops in free improvisation. John Russell has given workshops in free improvisation for Bedfordshire Education, The Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Offene Ohren Munich, Ivan Illich School Bologna, Centro Cultural Sao Paulo and as offshoots to his own Quaqua projects.He has also taught Jazz guitar at the City Literary Institute and worked in youth and adult education schemes for the London Borough´s of Camden, Harringey, Westminster and Wandsworth.This is not the case with the camless engine, where lift and valve timing can be adjusted freely from valve to valve and from cycle to cycle.It also allows multiple lift events per cycle and, indeed, no events per cycle—switching off the cylinder entirely. Common issues include high fuel consumption, accuracy at high speed, temperature sensitivity, weight and packaging, high noise, high cost, and unsafe operation if there are electrical problems in the vehicle.This transcription was done by Joe Raia who is a local sax player down in Massachusetts and was nice enough to share Read More…Today, I am reviewing a new mouthpiece from D’Addario called the Select Jazz tenor saxophone mouthpiece.I have to admit, that I never thought I would do a review of a saxophone mouthpiece patch. Danny Walsh is an amazing NYC saxophone player that many people may not know about but is definitely worth Read More… I must have downloaded it while on my phone from Facebook or some other source because I have no recollection of downloading it at all. I decided to offer another free video lesson on my books “Mastering the Blues Scale Volume 1-Minor and Mastering the Blues Scale Volume 2-Dominant Chords” for everyone.

He was on the way home from the Minnesota Music Café, where he had a gig as a saxophone player.Whenever they went rock climbing in some desolate Rocky Mountain outback, he was the one to take the lead, setting the anchors, testing each foothold and calming her fears as they dangled in harnesses 1,000 feet above the ground. Friday, in the foyer of Courage Center, Jeanine Brudenell signed in her husband, Pat Mackin, for another medical appointment, one of four that day. He can’t move the right side of his body, and they had just learned that morning that the blindness in his right eye was permanent.While he can understand everything going on around him, he can no longer speak.Over the years Mopomoso have organised occasional workshops in free improvisation and it has always been our intention to continue and develop this side of our activities.Enquiries are welcome from organisations or individuals interested in working with free improvised music for special events or as part of a longer term curricular activity.

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