How to restore itunes library after updating itunes

For example, here’s what happens if you connect an i Phone into a new computer that has been synced with a different computer: Clicking on the terrifying “Erase and Sync” button will remove the music library and i Tunes content, but nothing else, as seen in the storage bar of i Tunes for this device: As you can see in the screen shots, there are many GB of photos and other data on the device, none of which has been touched despite clicking the dreaded “Erase and Sync” button.

More about Any Trans You May Like: Transfer Specific Songs from i Pod to i Tunes Requirements: a computer, Any Trans, your i OS device, one USB cable for your device.

Before you do that, make sure that the new library has all the contents of the old one, so you don't accidentally delete something you want.

You suddenly lost your i Tunes library after an i Tunes update or maybe the i Tunes library on your new PC is empty? If you already have the songs and playlists loaded on an i Pod or i Phone, you’ve come to the right place.

But if you didn’t, it seems a little difficult for you to recover all of your media files.

Because although you can re-download all purchased items from i Tunes store to your computer, you can’t get back CDs’ songs or some other files you didn’t purchase from i Tunes.

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