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4, 2007 These home pages remain free of any charge. Please pass on this website link to your family, relatives, friends and clients. George Vancouver explored the Puget Sound in 1792 in the British ship, Discovery, his midshipman artist, John Sykes, drew the landscapes and natives.

After contracting malaria, he returned quickly to the Olympic Peninsula that fall or winter. Hastings married an Indian maiden who has long since crossed the great divide, Mr. He is now residing near Ferndale with his niece, Mrs.

Within a year, however, Jarman was bitten by the '49er bug and briefly took leave of his new home. Jeffcott share a timeline that shows that in the summer of 1849, Jarman panned for gold at Long Bar on the north fork of the Yuba river, 20 miles northwest of Marysville, California.

He made this engraving of Indians near future-Port Townsend setting up poles and nets to trap ducks. Jarman was ransomed or not — according to the "Blanket Bill" legend, the three basic sources generally agree thatr Jarman chose his first semi-permanent home in 1848 with the S'Klallam Indians near future Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula.

S.) Expedition overland - 1805 passed by southern end of Coast Salish territory at Columbia River; established general American claim to area; est. 800 1807 Simon Fraser (English) descended Fraser River through Salish territory 1810 John Jacob Astor (U.

Honesty and love will happen whenever you feel like you made a good choice. I can be very nurturing and support of your short comings. What I really enjoy about a woman is a open ear and maybe a old soul to speak to. I don't game as much as I use to but it would help fire things off.

Being friends and understanding who we are and what we may become down the road is a good start! If I meet someone who tickles my fancy and I tickle yours, then let's keep going!

Jamestown S'Klallam website 1592 Juan de Fuca (Spanish) Expedition - NW Coast; reported a strait in area, leading to the Atlantic (mythical, but story persisted 400 yrs.) 1669 Hudson's Bay Company chartered 1774 Juan Perez (Spanish) Expedition - NW Coast; first recorded Indian-white contact on the Pacific Coast with the landing of Spanish sailors near the Hoh River 1775 Juan Francisco Bodega y Cuadra (Spanish) Expedition - NW Coast; lost landing party to Indians near the Hoh (or Quileute) River 1776-78 James Cook (English) Expedition - NW Coast (Mt. Helens, no stops in area) 1780s-1815 English & American merchants hunted Pacific Northwest sea otter for fur trade with China 1787 Charles Barkley (English fur trader) recorded Strait; wife aboard 1788 John Meares (English) Expedition - NW Coast; entered Strait (by naming Mount Olympus, he set a theme for classical names of other features) 1788 Robert Duffin attacked by Klallam Indians at Discovery Bay (with the Meares expedition) 1789 Robert Gray (U.

S.) explored Strait for 50 miles (Clallam Bay); 1792 named Columbia River after (one of) his ships 1789-93 Alexander Mackenzie (English) Expedition overland - Fraser River 1790 Manual Quimper (Spanish) Expedition - NW Coast; explored Strait to New Dungeness, and Port Discovery; claimed WA coastline for Spain 1791 Spanish military post established at Discovery Bay 1791 Francisco Eliza (Spanish) Expedition - NW Coast 1791-92 Alejandro Malispina (Spanish) Expedition - NW Coast 1791-93 George Vancouver (English) Expedition - NW Coast - fully explored Strait; named area features for English nobility and his officers: Puget Sound: Peter Puget, Mount Baker: Joseph Baker, Whidbey Island: Joseph Whidbey, Discovery Bay: HMS Discovery Port Townsend: Marquis of Townshend; Admiralty Inlet-took control of area from Spanish 1792 Robert Gray, William Broughton (U.

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