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There’s also always the odd chance that the thrill of it all might just be the much-needed spark to spice up your love life. It’s elevated so you can be sure there are no prying eyes.Also, no one really goes there so you can ensure maximum privacy, well except for a vengeful spirit…or two.One of the biggest issues though is that there is just no privacy that can be attained living in the shoeboxes that are HDB flats.You can always, of course, go for a short staycation in one of the many boutique hotels in Singapore.Every night, Gardens by the Bay erupts into life with Garden Rhapsody, its free light show.

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At night, SBC provides a tranquillity and peace away from the urban buzz.Yea I guess it’s worth mentioning that this landmark is haunted but hey, it looks rather phallic so I guess we can’t be blamed on accounts that it looks rather inviting. The best ones are HDB blocks with lifts available on every floor making staircases obsolete.It’s quite the popular spot if you don’t believe it; there are videos online to prove it.Book your Marina Bay Sands holiday here Whether you love watching movies as a family or like to make it a date night, going to the cinema is always a fun affair, but Movie Mob takes it one step further to give you the best old-school outdoor movie experience you can dream of.Screenings take place at different locations all across Singapore, a drive-in concept and picnic event that has proven to be very popular.

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