Russell crowe dating les mis star

But every great hero needs a great villain to bounce off of, and now the baddie has arrived with the character poster for Inspector Javert, who will be played by Russell Crowe in this December's adaptation of the hit musical.

Take a look below: You can tell from the release date that this is a UK poster, since Les Miserables is set for a December 25 release over here-- the poster comes from Empire.

The musical fact remains that Javert should be sung by a rich baritone, and when Crowe dips into his lower register it feels like he’s falling into, rather than hitting, the notes.

As cast recordings go, on the other hand, Javerts have been uniformly strong.

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When last seen, British director Tom Hooper had just overseen a historical biography about a stammering monarch, someone who felt ill-equipped to take the throne, a chap who couldn't get a sentence out without scrunching up in agony.

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