Updating the year on solaris

I also believe we should not blame attendees for not turning up at events.

Such approaches just increase the chance to have the same problem at your next event. The right approach to curing your event from the no-show virus is to acknowledge that the problem exists, understand the dynamics that foster the virus and coming up with a plan to repel it.

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Yet this awful plague affects all types of events, small or big, free or paid, popular or fairly new.Basic assumptions dictate that Light Mechs are quick, nimble, and lightly armored, while heavier 'Mechs have more room for equipment and armor.Light 'Mechs use speed to hide from detection while scouting ahead and employing hit-and-run tactics.The worst attitude you may have in tackling no-shows is to think it is not your responsibility to decrease them. As you have a plan B, C or D for every aspect of your event, you should have one for no-shows.Just remember that your objective is not to force attendees to show up but to get them to update their RSVP on time so you can take actions to allocate that free space.

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