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Even if she never slept with either man, socializing with them outside of a professional context and in a way that invites comment about the nature of that socializing seems like a substantial violation of journalistic ethics that would get an actual reporter like Amalie Benjamin (or for that matter, Mr.Abraham) promptly cashiered, but I guess it doesn’t particularly conflict with her role as a sideline cupcake.Watney has a big heart when it comes to helping people out. He’s living the dream– professional baseball scout and former director of operations for the Marlins, husband of the hottest baseball reporter in the business– come on now.Heidi Watney’s husband also knows Sam Ryan (a fellow MLB Network lady and super-energetic reporter) because Heidi is good friends with her.When you think of beautiful smiling blonde women, she’s sort of like an archetype. Naturally, executives at MLB Network would be drawn to hiring a woman with this kind of beauty, but there’s more to Heidi than just good looks, as it turns out.She’s done some charity events in Boston with the David Ortiz Children’s Fund to help out kids get pediatric care, for example.

Because as much as I want more women writing about sports and doing good sports journalism, Watney’s awful.

She was a real talent for a child and was magnificent at athletics, gymnastics, cheerleading and hurdles.

Her sportsmanship came from her father, who was also a very fit man and always worked out.

She does the world’s fluffiest sideline interviews — during one recent game, she took a ride on the train that shoots oranges when someone hits a home at Minute Maid park, the player she was interviewing staring at her chest all the while.

Watney’s also been rumored to have affairs with both Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek towards the end of his marriage and short-lived Sox infielder Nick Green.

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